... I think the music is the most special kind of art. Itís able to evoke emotions in seconds. Any emotions. Anywhere. Anytime ...

I cannot get stuck with just one genre.

Loving the atmosphere of electronic music, voice of classic instruments, as well as power of the electric guitar in all colors of its sound.

Somebody says, that dance music is a simple pseudo art for simple people. Or, that music created with help of computer is something inferior, something requiring no talent. Of course, I must disagree. Because no music is formed in fast fingers. It's formed in head.

Although I play the guitar, electronic music fascinates me for decades. Creating it is different experience with different demands, different technique, different challenge.

Anyway, I still love guitar.

And while listening to the music, I never care how it was created. The most important thing is how it sounds. And what emotions it can bring.

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