Guitar chillout album "DESIRE " just released.

New EDM Album "Fire Dancer CLM" released.

The dance is not the only move you can make while listening to the music.

In these days Iím releasing new album TABATA MUSIC. It is music with special timing 192 BPM according to the Tabata High Intensity interval training. Dynamic 20 seconds sections for workout are altered with calmer
10 seconds periods for rests. Album contains 3 electro songs and 3 rock pieces, both in two versions. So the first 6 songs are without voice and the second 6 songs contain voice commands.

Wondering what Tabata training is? Itís a great exercice for sportsmen but also for ordinary people who want to do something for their health in a short time. You can find a lot of information about it on the internet.

I also prepare several videos based on this music for Tabata timing workout containing exact countdown.
They are published on the YouTube. Check Akrylon YouTube channel please.